Voice Coaching

Is it better to receive coaching from somebody that's currently active in the Business ?


I've been active in all phases of electronic entertainment & media for over 25 years, with training from some of the best and some of the best class mates where there's something to be learned at every juncture. Represented through NY's top agents with bookings as a comedy relief voice actor on an ABC Daytime Soap, Voicing  for - NBC Sunday Today , MTV, Cartoon Network, Tons of spots and sound trax for Movies & Documentaries, I picked up a good ear for what passes as professional...and for what sounds different or original.

For the last few years I've worked with Maggie Phillips of Stand Up & Shout (VO-Workshop). As mainly an internet vo, its been a way to keep in touch with old world auditioning. Maggie teaches among many other areas that auditioning amongst other actors helps everyone. Maggie's a working vo and knows the benefit of imparting copy interpretation Out Loud. The same is practiced here. There's also the benefit an actor can gain from our data bank of industry contacts and the tools to get work.  It's a business! Like any other business.  I've been positioning products & services for 30 years.  I can help position talent to find their niche/style  and then - tap into it. What I offer is a chance to find what your strengths and weaknesses are and work on them.

Once you're ready, there's help with:


Where the gigs are

How to answer job listings and be heard

How to get an agent

What sort of agent

How to prepare for an Internet career in VoiceOvers


Making mp3's

Submitting over the internet skills

Domain name selection and listings-hosts, website development (making web pages that work)

How to gain web presence (social media plans)

Home studios are looking like the wave of the future...

What is needed to outfit a home studio

Rudimentary & Advanced Voice Recording (Mic placement, volume settings, Sample rates for recording)

Audio engineering skills-minor & advanced

▀ Learn to make your own demos & demo updates (audio & video)

Negotiating the money

The long term aspects

How to stay current in the talent place

How to get spot dubs

How to detect & prevent foul play  

The sessions are loose and largely based on mutual trust and respect. Sessions usually run 2 hours with a break in there somewhere. I give a sample of the best of the day or the whole day as an mp3 with the hopes and focus of usage for a final demo. Email or call for more info.

Internet Lessons via - Skype, Zoom, etc. or phone are possible with Pay Pal.  Email  or 516.488.8840