Our Portfolio

Over the past 3 decades, Tom has been involved with all aspects of the modern mediums. Theatre, Television, Radio right into having an impact on Social Media. Below are samples of Tom's work from the international to  local markets. From Main Street to the Trenches...Think local - act global  is not only a motto, but  practiced in real time with real players!

Our work Speaks for  - Themselves

Tom, has not always been alone when it comes to his work. Known to industry producers as Voice-Central, there are times when even Tom has a tough time recognizing a voice he's done a few back !  As a seasoned mutli-talented character & imitation voice artist,  there are very few doors that are closed. With a mechanical background, Tom combines the mutli-tasking of voice talent with his  editing skills to create some of the coolest & attention grabbing performances. All done on pristine optical/digital recordings that are sent via incredibly fast broadband for fast turnaround. It doesn't hurt that Tom knows the latest social media techniques to replicate "In-Studio" presence...as far away as Holland and Hawaii.

Advanced Hawkeye Promo

New from the Phoenix Group...Tom lands the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye voiceover (on-line promo). Coming near you ...soon. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Apolo Ohno's 8-Zone

Apolo at Borders book signing for 'Zero Regrets'. Tom voices Apolo's "infomercial" version via Apolo's  8-Zone nutritional supplements as the signature voice.

Apolo Ohno 8-Zone spot
Celebrity Death Matches

The voice of many MTV Celebrity Death Matches; including  ' Jerry Springer's'  favorite - Charlton Heston, Rodney Dangerfield, Nick Nolte and lots more...

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Horror Vault

Tom Scares-Up some Shocking results for the Haunt Industry with scores of scary voices.


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In-Store Promotions

Harley Davidson commands respect with Tom's In-Store promotion video voiceovers.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Sundance Winner VO

Part II of - Terminal Bar, a Feature documentary from Stefan Nadelman. A raw depiction of 'How-it-Was' in NYC, enhanced By Tom's VO.

Click to play - Porteres, Bouncers & Bartenders


Portfolio Item

New Media Smart Phones uses Tom to introduce 'Entertainment Tonite' style promo intros.



National Exposure

Carson has Tom do a humorous imitation skit of: John Kerry on Late..Late Nite!