About the VoiceOverGuy

Tom Clifford is seasoned in the basics of established forms of communication and continues to be on the forefront with new ideas and services to reach people.

About Tom Clifford

Tom, was born in Brooklyn, Long Island and raised in Uniondale & Ronkonkoma L.I. His dad  hobbied in reel-to-reel recordings with his Webcor recorder that weighed a ton. Tom learned at an early age how this was a great tool to hone his talent ... for cartoon characters  and imitation skills. It wasn't long, before he was entertaining his friends on the school bus with imitations of  teachers.  That segued into imitating politicians and movie actors. Its been a gift that led into acting & the voiceover industry. Trained by some of the best in the  vo industry, Tom has been active in all phases of entertainment, broadcasting and  new media for over 25 years. Represented  through some of NY's top agents with bookings as a comedy relief on ABC's Daytime Soap, Carson Daly, voicing political cartoons for NBC Today, C/N's Adult Swim, MTV's Celeb DeathMatch or tons of commercial spots ...some notable enuf to appear on the silver screen with Chaz Palminteri & Sharon Stone. Plus, movie sound trax and even a little off-B'way .


Barbara Feldon & Tom at 2011 Sci-Fi /Haunt convention, spoofing her 'Get Smart-99' character and signing her new audio CD of Barbara voicing her entire book: 'Living Alone & Loving It'  .


Who We Are...and then some

Tom is a voice for hire...many voices. He has mastered the art of timing with recording skills and puts them to use with state-of-the-art recording equipment to form a powerful package.  Editing voice and production files for high speed delivery is a bonus that comes in handy when all's you want to do is lay pristine files into a final mix. 

We're also trying our hand at word development ...neologisms. Coining new words that well, aren't yet in common use. Our newest word offering (Trademark pending) is: COLONOSCAPOLOGY!  Here's a link to show the word in use via an audio dramatization. Click for mp3 sample

Our news

Spring/ 2019
Fantastic Plastic Adv. chooses Tom's Winnie T Pooh character voice to launch Mjr So.East Auto Dealership Tv Spot. >>

Summer/ 2019
Tom Clifford has been cast to voice the Water Mill Bdlg Supply's radio Summer Splash campaign. >>

Summer/ 2019
Scout Island NOLA casts Tom as their multi-character voice machine for featured attractions and as Kids Zone Host. >>


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